Hit reg issues major turn off

One game everything that moves dies. Next game I’m throwing bananas. They make great thud noises with hit markers but guys keep running away. I’m not going to curse but no wonder my entire friends list has moved on. NOBODY PLAYS HALO. Hit friggin reg makes everyone angry. It’s not about anything else. Realllllllly irritating when you’ve always had very smoothe aim then dealing with this is infuriating. I remember when I popped halo 3 in my entire list was on h3. Whole damn thing. I’m straight up telling you this is why. Other reasons are whatever. Why don’t you play halo I ask… servers are crap. It’s always the same answer. Now the forums are shutting down too. There is no hope. Shut down the speech and conversations then you can finally control and kill off halo for good.


Yeah the desync issues are coming to a head right now. I didn’t really have rubber banding issues in Infinite before season 3 and now every few games I end up swinging back and forth between two places like Nightcrawler.

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Been so annoying quite a few times now where iv’e whacked someone head on with the gravity hammer with the sword thing on it, only to do nothing at all apart from him killing me even though there is no way he had no damage or death from my mighty blow

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H5 never had these net code issues. I don’t know why Slipspace means we needed netcode reworked after H4/H5. They both had their issues, but net code wasn’t one of them


I’m really enjoying getting first shot then second shot and then some more shots on a guy when I’m full shield full health and he shoots me once or twice with a sidekick and I’m the one that dies. Super fun.


I’m frustrated with how this has been lately, yeah.

Of course it had… gor EU ppayers, 7 out of 10 games we’re unplayable on a competitive level. That’s just what 344 is able to deliver… we gotta deal with it.

It blows my mind that some people defended and continue to defend this company and this game after they openly stated “nah, we are just not going to deal with this serious technical issue, please buy the color blue for $12.”

But the season 2 update, I mean the forge update, I mean the season 3 update going to turn this game around any day now right?

I have to agree, I attempted a few games tonight and it was rough. You can’t even count on good ping to give you stable games, I was between 20-40 ping every match and it was like I was shooting marshmallows. People killing me in what seemed like two shots, had one guy got a melee kill on me when he wasn’t anywhere near me, and the list goes on…I understand at times I make bad plays but me having to shoot people what feels like 500 times and the insta deaths people get on me is rage inducing…

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The whole idea of “favor the shooter” sucks when the server, client, and enemy client can’t agree who the first shooter was. Or where the shooter was. Or where the shooters target was

It’s standard practice in most online shooters because it’s generally thought to be the least frustrating way to handle lag. If it was only ever you being 20-50ms behind a corner when getting shot it would be fine. Unfortunately that’s not how it’s been playing out in Infinite.

Just hit someone multiple times in one fight with the energy sword just for them to kill me anyway. No damage done at all, no block or anything. Just flat out no damage.

It’s all brutal. Makes me feel sick for the game. The one I hate most is shooting a guy first two shots, then I die before I get my fourth shot off instantly before he even gets what seems to be 2 shots off. I’m just jaw dropped like really? Again? sometimes is ok but it’s way to frequent. I have always had a very strong shot and quite good senses and team play throughout all of halo. I know I’m doing good things but boy oh boy. It’s insane. If I wasn’t so busy I’d stream so 343 could see how biased the game truly is to there servers. Fml. Why isn’t a server being used in Toronto? There is in call of duty. What am I even talking about. That’s not the issue… bugh