Hit markers

Hit markers are not accurate. Watching kill cams shows the target being almost an inch away from target but still shows hits. Also, sometimes it takes a whole clip plus a shot or two from pistol to take someone down. I find myself being taken down from less than 15 bullets with NO head shot.

I’ve noticed the hit markers as well and was about to make a post about it. 90% of the time when I die, the enemies hit marker isn’t on me. But rather, it’s an inch away.

Another thing I don’t like is the sound when you know you are hitting an enemy. There’s a high squeak in the background that annoys me so much. Is there a way to make it a low hit sound, like CoD?

I think that sound you’re talking about is supposed to be bullets hitting metal I guess. Kind of annoying but not as much as the aiming and being completely unbalanced with the amount of ammo it takes to kill someone. Pretty lame to have the COD syndrome. Shoot first, die first.