History Unfolded (DLC Idea)

I know the game aint out yet but if you want somthing to be done you do it earlier then ever one else.
Simply put this DLC would have a map remake of one map from every halo game released to date.
It would come with
Halo CE’s Danger canyon: High Fall (exactly the same but with water falls to give it a Valhalla look)
Halo 2’s Gemini: Prophet (Just like Gemini but the prophet statue can be destroyed and if you look out on High Charity its sorta broken)
Halo 3’s Sandbox and sandtrap:Broken Sands (Same but now a tunnel dug by some brutes leads from sandtrap to sand box.
Halo 3: ODST’s Last Exit: Open door (Much bigger then the old firefight map and Now with a warthog)
Halo Wars Release:Freed (Remade as a BTB map giving plenty of sniping areas and is big enough to give Forge world a run for its money.)
Halo Reachs Condemned and Highlands: Reapers Chair(A new invasion map. On the group we have highlands but then we have 2 teleporters (could be deleted or wont be their for other game types) That leads to Condemned (One leads to the normal condemned the but now with a hand and the other leads to a covie cruiser)

what do yall think?

As much as I would love to get a remake of Sandbox I still support the idea of completely new maps from the DLC. And maybe we won’t even need Sandbox, because I have faith that Halo 4 will give us an awesome map to forge on.