Hijacking/stealing vehicles caused 343 to nerf vehicles

hijacking is just about acceptable in older halo games as its very difficult to hijack. Now we have a grapple and tighter spaced maps which lead to many hijjacking opportunities. Its even possible to use a repulsor to help hijack a vehicle. This is probably why we have so many ways to destroy vehicles to stop one team becoming too powerful. vehicle gameplay is now boring.

hijacking needs to be nerfed somehow so that the anti vehicle weapons can be nerfed so that vehicles can actually survive long durations if your good enough again. Jumping in a warthog knowing it can randomly be destroyed, disabled or hijacked easily is not fun. The anti vehicle weapons need nerfing but the hijacking needs nerfing first in order to do that. The grapplejack should also be more difficullt to do or less frequent.

The only thing I can think of to nerf hijacking, is to make the vehicle you just hijacked automatically have like 5% health left (edit- or the vehicle goes on fire and self destructs in 30 seconds) .

Lets pretend the last driver sabotaged the vehicle as you threw him out. Now your team has an extra vehicle BUT it wont last very long and so there will be no or little snowballing of matches.


hijacking has always been flawed from a game design perspective. in a multiplayer pvp game where you respawn, it is a fundamental bad design to have an advantage (extra vehicle) while the other team has one less. It is however ok to destroy a vehicle and have a extra vehicle temporally because the other teams vehicle will spawn back and balance will be restored.

That is why hijacking should only give you a short temporary boost as it will rebalance itself like the vehicle respawns do to keep the match fair. Thats why when you steal a vehicle it should be far less effective such as having less health or self destructing in 30 seconds so that the scales of the match are eventually rebalanced and the other team has a fair chance of fighting back. When something is this balanced, 343 could get really creative with their vehicle combat instead of nerfing everything.

Its still possible to steal vehicles from enemy bases so 343 would have to figure out a balance for that too. It wouldnt really make game sense to hop in a unused enemy vehicle and have it have less health or self destruct in 30 seconds which only makes sense for hijacking. I think btb could do with a battlefield vehicle spawning system where you choose to spawn in a vehicle from the menu.

The question is should vehicles snowball a match so much? I’ve had BTB matches where players are getting crazy medals for killing with vehicles. It doesn’t seem fair. No idea how they’re managing it because I can barely kill one or two before dying. Vehicles should be fun addition not be a match changer/decider.


thats my point. there shouldn’t be snowballing of vehicles. 343 have nerfed them so they cant snowball (or try to). I’m pointing out a better way that doesnt nerf vehicles AND doesnt snowball. best of both worlds.

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Gunna be honest. Most of the god vehicle drivers/pilots are on pc. Their vechicles 180 with unreal speed and you can always spot a pc player by it

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snowballing vehicles means one team have more vehicles than the other team in case your confused. snowball is bad design. snowballing is not much of a problem in infintie becuase the vehicles can be dealt with easily most of time but there are better ways the devs can do it without making vehicles weak

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As for me, I think vehicles are OK now. Wasps for example are so annoying on High Ground map.
Sometimes it looks like nobody can do anything with warthogs too. By the way why warthog turret has no overheat? Some players, pc players as I believe and as was said can do so many kills.
Maybe vehicles need some tweaks but tweaks need to be smart.
For example if you want warthog to be less vulnerable, so why not to reduce the damage of turret and add overheat mechanic to make warthog more suppression tool not killing machine.

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I havent noticed tbh. Overall i feel the vehicles to underwhealming amd not very useful the games sandbox actively seems to make them not all that effective or as fun as older titles.

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thats a result of the easy hijacking. 343 had to make vehicles worse to stay balanced

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true, killing people with the turret is really easy. i think 343 did that because warthogs dont survive very long.

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I haven’t actually had an issue with hijacking I just find all the vehicles are quite weak in terms of health and pretty in effective in terms of firepower overall I just feel they are not as viable as they were in Prior in fact I think they’re the worst implementation of vehicles in the franchise

you dont have to have an issue with hijacking, only one person on your team needs to be hijacked for it to snowball if the vehicles were powerful and thats why vehicles need to be ineffective when hijacking is too easy

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Apologies let me make myself more trigger what I mean to say is I don’t believe hijacking is all that much easier than it has been in the past I’ve always thought hijacking was a pretty easy to accomplish thing when the teams aren’t fully coordinating in the chaos it’s pretty easy to hijack for example a ghost or erase or a banshee in any of the prior Halo games it’s one of my favourite features affect but the vehicles in themselves to me in Halo in infinite very much underwhelming I don’t think they are as effective as playing as the spartan on the ground all of the atom sandbox elements seem to make vehicles a less viable option overall and hijacking for me isn’t the issue I understand your point of view but I don’t think it’s the crux of the issue I don’t really think it’s ever been the crux of the issue I believe that halos consistent move towards empowering player and a base level is the issue that vehicles face

Hijacking and exchange of hands of vehicles is just a symptom to a problem. The problem being that Vehicles are not dying enough.

While there are plenty of ways to stop vehicles in their tracks (shock, plasma grenade, explosives) none truly kills them decisively and immediately and remove them from the battlefield. Even the Skewer which is our dedicated anti vehicle weapon performs poorly against vehicles.

What needs to be done is simply buff the Skewer to 1 shot all Vehicles except tanks, and 2 shot tanks. It needs to be done, or the vehicle bloat on an already suffocating BTB map is too oppressive for players.

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but how does all the mechanics halo infinite offers not make hijacking easier? Its impossible for hijacking to stay the same difficulty as older games. The easiest way to hijack in older games is with the plasma pistol stun but even that requires some effort and is limited.

The older games are not perfect either as snowballing still happened in btb but atlleast the vehicles were fun.

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thats an interesting point. people die in the vehicle more often than the vehicle exploding leaving a free vehicle for the enemy team. If a person dies in a vehicle, the vehicle should be left at 5% health or the vehicle goes on fire and self destructs in 30 seconds

Well thats the thing then isnt it.
Your logic is hyjacking is op but im of the opinion that the sandbox at large is the issue.

Like the dynamos and shock rifle are far too prevelant and easy to use compared to power drain and the pp in h3 for example.

The hyjack mechanic isnt the core of the issue its just the unfortunate victim of “balance”

The sprint is next to useless in infinite so its not at fault either.

The grapple shot doesnt have a good enough counter imo.
Once a player hits a vehicle its essentialy a garunteed hyjack.

But these arent problems with the hyjack itself.
If you are on spawn with just your sidekick and Ar you arent any more able to hyjack than you were in halo 2 off spawn its the frequency of op anti vehicles sandbox elements vs infrequency of seemingly weaker than before vehicles.

Vehicles imo should be powerful and i think mounted heavy weapons on objectives that are less random and prevelant is where the sandbox is lacking. That facet of halo 3 deserved more expansion in the later titles as they can change in nature when unmounted and serve as a better counter to snowballing in many modes.

I totaly get your poi t and am not entirely against you on it, i just think there are better design choices than homing in on the hyjack mechanic in a vacuum. The sand box is great in many ways but it needs some refinement in my mind and the heavy turret weapons are woefully under considered when we discuss the sandbox of halo from my experience.

Edit: and @Sodium_Bath is right on the money for me also. And i believe heavy weapons are the best option to get a better balance in that regards. Great point SB!

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Yeah, but they changed spawn timers/system in S2 and vehicles became too annoying from map to map, from mode to mode.

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even if you fix the sandbox. infinites maps still funnel vehicles in predictable paths to get hijacked. Also, like i said, the older games had issues too. Infinite just has more issues that make hijack overpowered and 343 decided to nerf vehicles rather than fix the root cause, the hijack.

Even if hijack is the most difficult thing to do, its still technically unbalanced because one team now has more vehicles to supress and potentially steal more vehicles which would basically decide who wins the match too early and make people bored. Thats why i suggested hijacked vehicles only having 5% health left to stay fair.

i think they are respawning vehicles even if tthey are not destroyed, which is not good.

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By the way, is it only me who think that rockethog rockets explosions looks like fireworks, not real rockets or something really powerful, it’s kinda meh. I believe H5’s was much better.