Highpower imbalance

Am I going mad here or does one team get 5 BR/Commando spawns and the other only get 2?

Plus some of the vantage points and access to them, seem a little imbalanced too.

This bugging anyone else?

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Blue base is so much weaker then red, its absolutely crazy that this imbalance slipped by everyone at 343.

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Sometimes one side starts with the Shock Rifle spawning near their helipad, whereas the other side has a Stalker Rifle in the equivalent spot. That seems unbalanced since the Shock Rifle is a counter to the Wasp. Access to grappleshot also seems imbalanced

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I could be wrong, but I am fairly certain that gadgets such as the grapplehook always spawn in fixed locations. On the map fragmentation for example, there is always a grapplehook underneath your base.

On Highpower,I know there is a grappleshot nearby red base to the left, and the tunnel also has a grappleshot. I don’t know of one closer to blue base.

Just had another game.

Its quite and open map…how can giving one team and extra 3 ranged weapons be ok?!?

Last bump…

Why is no one else talking about this?

It’s actually 6 BR/Commando spawns to 2…how is that OK? I don’t get it

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My biggest problem with the map is how just horrible Total control can be on it. Having the bundle of points spawning in a cluster cluster to one base than the other needs to go. I know the next batch will down closer to whichever base got kinda screwed over when this happens, but it’s a huge advantage for the team that gets the first bundle courtesy to their base

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I think the imbalance comes from randomness. Any weapon pad can have several weapons of the same “type” spawn in, which means one team can get all BRs and the other all Commandos.

The.only games with consistent spawns are Ranked.

The map is unbalanced, i was already going to post about this but you did it before me

hmm, I wonder if it’s not intended for symmetrical variants, but I agree it can impact Slayers as well on the starting strategies. I remember how Hang 'Em High was incredibly unbalanced, but stupidly, we still played CTF in tourneys on it for some reason.

Thats exactly my point.

One team has 6 BR or Commando racks and the other only has 2

And on stockpile…one team just rushes and is fully tooled up but the other has to wait for respawns