highest level so far?

im SR41

wow. i’m a measly 40. haven’t hit the cap yet tonight :smiley:

couple more exp and i’m 40 . . .

70+ last I heard.

.53 unless you cheat or your game allows you over the credit cap you can’t get past Fifty so far.

almost 50 (49)

45, i hit cap very early today when i did commendations and finished the monthly. I finally completed the Assassin Commendation! I have Venator, without preordering!

I hit 47 today. Lots of double xp, all the challenges. Only one commendation to master though. Hit the cap everyday but today and day 1

Assuming you are also grabbing the credit cap and then massing your commendations you can get pretty high. I am on SR 44 right now, but if I was just playing after I hit credit cap and getting all the commendations I would could easily be up there at 60 and 70

I played against an 88 a week ago…

there’s already a sr-130

im a 68. i have a friend that is 108

I’m an SR 42, but some guy already hit SR 130 I believe.

There is somebody who has hit SR130, I am stuck at 70 because of the cap

Holy revived thread.