Higher than gold?

Ive been playing halo for a while now and generally my set csr rank is bronze. 9/10 i move up to gold 3 and i dont go higher, I think there is two reasons 1. when i get my rank and work to gold i just leave it a bit 2. im still a bit of a novice i can handle myself butstill a bit clunky.

any tips?

Get a (good) fire team to help you.

Watch some youtube videos on how really good players move around and use their weapons. Other than that, stick near your teammates, stay mobile, and get used to using precision weapons. Also don’t be afraid to jump around and use your Spartan abilities.

Ranking up is entirely based on winning more games. If you get a regular group of friends to play with, you should do much better. Communication will make you play better and you’ll eliminate all of the games where someone on your team quits and puts you at a huge disadvantage.

Other than that, play more. You’ll get better if you play more often and you’ll learn the maps weapons and strategies better. It looks like you only played around 20 games in a couple of the previous seasons. My ranking usually goes up quite a bit between my initial rank and the next 30 or more games after it.

Playing other playlists may help if you’re only concerned with your all time highest csr. You might find out that you’re better at swat or ffa than team arena.

Try get a gruop of friends with you can play regularly