higher levels can't find H2A games?

I am a level 47 and Ever since the update where you get matched up with people your own rank I have not been able to find a match or players. I have tried over and over going in solo and with friends but still can’t find players. My friends that are high levels can’t get games either. I have another account that’s s level 1 and finds games instantly. Is there not enough higher levels? When will it be fixed? Anyone else having this problem?

I’m having the same issue. I’m a level 30 and cannot find a game going in solo or with my friends… This has been going on for a good few days now. I was able to search with friends or go in myself before the update happened. 343 seem to be going backwards instead of forwards now… I’m stuck on " searching for players" every time I try to find a game. Can you please resolve this issue?

Same problem :frowning: