Higher Battle Pass = More damage/better collision detection?

This makes no sense. I’m level 100 and a BR is still a 4 shot kill lmao

Lucky! Iv maxed mine and I’m lucky if the game registers my shots on players.

It is nice when it does though, getting those perfects popping up makes my soul feel good. Just shame it’s not consistent

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I have a gig download and a 50ms latency my guy… That’s the best available in my area. I doubt I’m lagging.
and I wouldn’t say rank has Zero effect. Case in point is skins. Most people don’t think about colors like this but if you can buy a certain color that will not be as eye catching as others then one is essentially having a better camoflague. Which is literally a benefit from being higher ranked/more skins unlocked. Like in fortnite, the bright pink characters are way easier to see than the base level skin. Not saying it means anything but it is directly a factor IMO.

I feel the same. Its like a gamble whether all of my shots work or not. The heatwave will sometimes go right through someone and not even register a hit. I’ve died many times like that and now I don’t even like picking it up.

I’ve literally put a mag of BR into an opponent’s dome and they still just bounce away.

Most likely desync. It can of course happen when you have bad ping or dropped packets on the connection but Halo Infinite seems to suffer from this without those underlying issues.

Basically the game on your machine and on the server gets out of sync, the effects are played by your machine when it thinks you hit the other player but if the server disagrees (e.g. because it thinks you’re to far away, looking the wrong direction, etc.) it won’t register the hit to the other players health.

I can’t say that I’d had that happening less often since puchasing the BP or that there was any noticable change since completing it.

It seems to be somewhat correlating with what time I get on too. Usually, I don’t see much of it until later on in the evenings. Somewhere around 9pm onward it happens more. Maybe because more people are on at those times, and maybe server issues and such too. I’m not sure why it happens but its very annoying. I’ll go from a +10 K/D to a -2K/D in one game difference and stay that way until I get pissed and go play something else.

Your talking about damage not registering on people with flaming heads and shoulders. You talk about melees not registering. You talk about rocket damage not fully registering. Your whole thesis is higher rank = higher damage. What you are describing is lag. I’m level 100 playing at 20 and below ms and still encounter these issues here and there. No sense in changing the goal post to “player colors camouflage people” when everyone has access to identical colors at rank 0.

Those were two different topics being discussed. . People talk about multiple things from time to time, and that’s ok lmao
I wasn’t just refering to flaming peeps, that was just a quick example.
and yes, from time to time that may be true, but at a certain time of day it happens like clockwork. Maybe its cheater time every time I get on in the evenings :man_facepalming:

I’m aware that you started a different topic. That is why I used the term “changing goal post.” Regardless of that change in topic, rank 0 players have identical colors to those unlocked by level 100 players. Your point about players being able to hide due to colors unlocked at higher ranks (while there is a clear outline around them) as nonsensical as higher level players doing more damage and having better collision.

The cheats that are making rounds are wall hacks and auto aim. There are no online mods/cheats that are giving players extra health and damage. You are more than likely starting to match with people from other countries if this is happening consistently like clock work around the same time.

It’s 150 dollars to max the BP bro

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ok good, you pay for it and I’ll play it.

It should be hours to max it not dollars. . .

I already bought a 60 dollar game I shouldn’t have to “BUY” anything else… This isn’t “FORTNITE”

honestly from what i witness with netcode, this may of have just been a bit of lag, liek they were slightly more outside the explosion that you thought so didnt take full damage, etc.

Say what now? Your numbers are just a bit high there.

This game needs a major weapon balance because nothing here makes sense. I can Rocket someone standing and the chances of them surviving is like 90%, but once you are on a Ghost and someone hits you with a Rocket is an instant kill.

There is something fundamentally wrong with this title.
It feels like this game wants to pick and choose who lives or who dies.

Maps rotation is a big joke, also this FIESTA is the biggest joke of them all, how are you going to have me keep spawning with crappy weapons when the other teams have swords and rockets 78% of the time?

Why the hell are you making me the same challenges twice?

Put this s#it back in the over, for the love of God, please.

I mean you do whatever you want with your money bro. I didn’t buy my way to level 100.

I also didn’t “buy” the game since I have Game Pass lol

That‘s about it: An observation.
You have zero data to prove it.
Maybe it‘s all in your head because you see these players that are higher up on the BP and automatically assume, that they have magic bullets because they paid 343.
If that‘s not a conspiracy then i don‘t know what is.

. . . . .it’s $2 per level, for a 100 level battle pass. That’s $200 (at the highest, ignoring larger credit bundle discounts), not $700-$800.

Using your example of $5 credit packs: $5 for 2.5 levels, 2.5x4=10 ($5x4=$20), 10x10=100 ($20x10=200). Still a ridiculous expense for a battle pass that still has 4 months left to it, but nowhere near as high as you’re saying.

It’s 200 credits per tier. 200 credits multiplied by 100 tiers equals 20,000 credits. That’s two purchases of the $100 credit bundle (11,500 credits).

So it’s $200 (plus tax) to buy the battlepass and then skip all the way through it, and still have a bit left over.

25 of those ranks you can get buy BP that’s $10 extra I think. I think this option goes away when you reach level 25 or buy the regular pass. This would save you $40. (25x2-10) So $160 at the very least. $170 if you include the cost of the BP in there too. Still hella not worth it. Kinda pointless too.

I got to 100 right before the Campaign came out using my rockstar 2x XP with challenges and hella grinds in Bot matches. The 3rd week when they raised the XP gained from the first six matches really boosted the process. The few XP boosts given by the Tenrai event help too.