Higher Battle Pass = More damage/better collision detection?

Anyone else feel like people that have a higher BP completion do way more damage than lower BP ranks?
I’ll go up against someone with a flaming head or shoulders and have them weak from 4 BR shots to the dome and Then a grenade and they just bounce away and somehow I get two shot killed? Same thing with beat downs… I’ve have many players kill me with a one hit melee even after I’ve shot them a few times AND melee them but I still die and they live. I know BXR and BXB are still potentially possible but some of this stuff is quite obnoxious. Sometimes I’ll actually hit someone, and hear the smack but will do NO damage to the other player… The grenades and even rockets have a very high variability in their damage output… I’ve shot a rocket at a players feet and killed myself (full shield) but they won’t die… I have 50ms latency and 1gig download hard wired so I know I’m not lagging. Maybe its cheaters?

No, there is zero correlation between BP level and damage a player can deal or take.


They’d never say there was anyway

I would say people that have a higher BP completion are just more experienced in the game.


I’ve cleared the pass and can personally confirm for you that this is not a thing.

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Or have deeper pockets than some.

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I was tripping out when I saw people running around with that flame effect at week 3. I mean it’s their money but damn.

More experience doesn’t allow a player to eat a rocket to the torso and then melee me afterwards. . . More experience doesn’t allow people to kill me with a one hit melee from full shields either. I’m onxy rank in H5 so I know how to play and what damage should be done, but Infinite has a bunch of wierd quirks throughout it.

No one’s denying that at all, but it has no relation to pass progression.

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I know, right? I’m not going to dictate how people spend their money, but if you’re going to just buy ranks, what do you have left to work towards, you know?

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thats true. And then the true grinders can’t even get 100% completion. But that’s who 343 is appealing to now, the people that want to pay to “look” better than others. Its about that air of superiority that evryone has to have now.

I just bought the BP finally a couple of days ago and I swear I get a LOT less BS now than I did beofre I bought it. Like my bullets do more damage now and its easier to get a kill. I may just be noticing unconnected correlations but dang if that isn’t how the game has felt. . .

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That’s the thickest tinfoil I’ve seen here.


Just an observation bro, not a conspriacy. . .

There’s not. I’m maxed and the same stuff happens to me. The game is early stage and broken af

i feel the opposite, quite often i come across base mjolnir 7 armour wearers that seem to one shot my shields, other times they can do some type of Goku melee from 6 foot away smashing right through me from full shields at the front and kill me like they’ve done a back smack no grapple or boosters. it’s probably just desync as i’ve noticed it happening more this week, as the initial player boom has ended and the population has declined they’ve probably just reduced the number of active servers so more matches are put onto less machines causing a bit of strain and/or lower bandwidth, or they could be lumping players in from outside your geographical region, it happened in Titanfall when they used Microsofts Azure servers.

It’s most likely that they are more experienced at the game but you don’t have to rule out cheating because that is most certainly a real factor.

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You’re describing lag and glitches that occur due to higher ping. Rank has zero effect on anything.

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yes, I agree with your statement, and this relates to a post I made on the forums. They definitely need to implement a social progression system like the previous halo games. I preferably enjoyed the halo reach progression system.

I friggin wish. I have the battle pass maxed out and it’s still a complete shot in the dark whether my bullets will work from match to match.