High Value Targets are dying on their own?

PC/Steam Campaign

High Value Targets are randomly dying on their own after I set a waypoint to them. I loaded up a batch of marines in a Razorback, set the location of a HVT and as soon as I started getting close it popped up that he died. I get to his location and there aren’t any other enemies there. I just set another HVT waypoint and about 30 seconds later it said he’s dead too. Hopefully my game isn’t broken. I’m going to continue and see what happens.

Update: I just went to a spire which normally has enemies all around it but as I approached “The Weapon” says along the lines of “Good Job Chief” and there aren’t any enemies there. It won’t let me open the Spire doors. It’s as if all the enemies in the game are dying as I get close to them.

Update 2: I drove around and couldn’t find any enemies. I got out of the Razorback full of marines and walked around without them and I eventually found enemies again. I walked back to the Spire and thankfully the enemies respawned.

This sort of thing happened to me. I think it’s caused by killing enemies at extremely long distance, or like across load zones. Especially when you need to kill enemies to push a button. If you kill them from too far away it like doesn’t register that they died and you need to let them respawn or something.

Yeah I had two targets that died on their own while I was in the vicinity.