High Treason...this is BIG!

Read through the whole thing…Let’s all take a moment to realize that the word “clan” is pretty cringeworthy. I mean, everyone and their little brother has been in one. From competitive money earning teams to a group of young kids horsing around in custom games. What I want to do with High Treason is something entirely different. Although winning and having fun IS the goal. I want people to see the gamer tags of our members and have to wonder “Is that really someone from High Treason?” How awesome would it be to have regular requests to join your company? I want a spartan company who becomes known for how the they are when they play together. Remember the relationship Hutch, Seananners and Sark had at Machinima? It literally made the entire office successful. The future of High Treason is YouTube videos, streams with company members even if they don’t have a stream setup. The essential part is playing and getting to know each other.
I’m looking for those who want to win, be known, branch out and most importantly have FUN with what they do. If you’d like to join High Treason message me on Xbox. My gamer tag is Phantom Marks. I’ve been a Halo player for nearly a decade now. It’s about time to get something done! Haha.

CLANS!!! The very word makes my body itch with- oh wait that’s lice xD

But seriously, we gotta do something!