High sensitivity

Does anyone else play at a high sensitivity? I l play at 9. I tried 10 but it was just too high for me. I know most pros or good halo players play at a low sensitivity like 4. But 9 felt too slow for me and then I just got used to it. I played Destiny at 10 and battlefield at 32% which is pretty high 100% is insanely high.

I don’t see many people play at a high sensitivity, so question is do any of you?

I think I’m at 3 or 4.

In past Halo’s I’ve ranged from 7 to 9. Halo 5, I’m currently at 5. I find it easier with a slower sensitivity with Halo 5’s aiming.

Ya I tried 10 once and it was insane…with the bullet magnetism I went back to a lower one

no way you are consistent with your shots on a high sense.

Max all the way. It actually feels low to me.

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> no way you are consistent with your shots on a high sense.

In arena, i usually only play swat

I tried playing at 6 and 7 when I was really into swat, but my shots were very inconsistent. I’ve found that 4 is the perfect medium between hitting shots consistently and moving fast enough. Its really up to you though.

i played 6 most of the time in older halo’s
on halo 5 i play 4.
took me a while to figure out what works well for me. then again im usually low platinum level so i need improvement too

Since I’m more cqc over longrange I played at sen 10 and dropped to 7 to get a balance on both range and close

Reach I did 10 until I was General. I did a 1v1 against someone. I lost 15-1. He then invited to his clan in 2012 and I learned by copying him. I set it to 3 by the end of Reach.
Halo 4 I did 5.
Halo MCC I did recon with 3. The default control setup confused me.
Halo 5 I do Recon with 4.; I turned off the feature that has you hover when scoping while jumping. It was making me get shot up more.
I don’t recommend playing on high sensitivity because my KD in Reach was like .4 when I was playing on 10. It went up to .83 when I switched it to 3

I’m at 4 and can’t imagine playing anything higher than 5.