High Rankers and Skill

I see tons of posts saying “Yeah I’m a brig and I smashed a Hero+ rank.”

I’m wondering the opposite. Have you ever played against a high rank and just gotten completely destroyed? I’m a Mythic, and I like to think I’m pretty good, so I’m usually on the giving end of those beatdowns.

The only time I really ever get owned is when i’m playing against a full party of Noble+ in BTB, and even though I still handle their entire team (my teammates drag me down).

I’ve been in that situation too. I’m a Mythic aswell, and I consider myself a decent player with the amount of determination I put to Halo: Reach. But most times I go into BTB Matchmaking, I have this 8 team party, that consists of a power weapon stealer, Banshee Bomber, and Vehicle stealer. As for normal playlists like Team Slayer, An Eclipse almost mowed me and my team down on Countdown, only because he/she was using the Concussion Rifle, and sprinting around with the Energy Sword.

As for skill, I reckon the higher ranks are gonna show skill with the weapons they use, not how high their ranks are. Dedication = Skill - Rank = Win. But most high ranks should be able to win at least one match fairly with the amount of time they’ve put into playing. Unless they boost.

Hope this helps.

It’s 50/50 with me. I’m a legend In Reach and When I come across Mythic & Eclipse players I tend to lose. Not solely because of me but due to the fact my lower rank team mates quit. That results In me being hunted down more. Then there are those days when I feel invincible and just run through mostly everyone. Lastly I think its more of a mind thing that goes on. Naturally when most see a higher rank they freak out. Even with me saying this I freak out when I see Eclipse & forerunners. Its just so intimidating.

I’m not trying to Hate on anyone here, but most high level players in Reach aren’t good. Mainly bc the rank system is set up on how much you play not how good you are. As a matter of fact the last game i logged into it was my team against a full party of Heros and one Legend, We didn’t demolish them but seeing as how i was the highest rank on my team (brig grade 2) they should have demolished us based soley on Rank.

Emh, just because people is high ranked doesn’t mean they are good in any way, just that they have played a lot. For example me, who havent played halo reach in 100 days could still beat those high ranks because im skilled and a 50 in halo. Halo 3 rankings system is the only way to say if a player is good or not.

I am a field marshall, and I never got beaten by a high rank, even when I was a Brigadier. I nearly got beaten by a mythic, though.

Rank =/= Skill

This thread proves that. And I’ll add my two cents.

I’ve been beat up by, as well I’ve beaten up on Mythics or better.

One of closest Halo friends is an Eclipse right now, and he’s better than me for sure, but I don’t let his rank bother me, I know when I’m having a good day, he could also be having a bad day, and that’s when I’ll beat him.

Everyone has their days, don’t let their rank intimidate you.