HIGH PINGS/LAG EVERY RANKED GAME - Unhappy with 150PING. Please fix this with Server Prioritization/Selection!

Hello everyone,

Firstly, Infinite has got great potential. This is definitely my second favourite Halo since Halo 3. Well done you got me back! Halo is back, however if this problem isn’t resolved I won’t be playing again. I don’t want to play in utter lag in this day and age. Gaming has moved on, there’s plenty of games out there where I don’t need to deal with this type of issue. The lag is painful.

As an EU player I had to spend years playing on higher ping at higher ranks because matchmaking would always pair me with a US host. Back before we had dedicated servers, there was nothing I could do about this, but c’mon now this is a feature all competitive games must have. Server prioritisation, I should be given an option to search for EU servers only in a competitive shooter where the difference of 80-100ms disadvantage makes the game incredibly frustrating why am I being placed into US servers for 10-12 games in a row?

In the MCC I can see there is an option to select server preferences. Can we please have this added asap? I want to play the game seriously, and climb the ranks in Onyx but this is making it really unplayable.

Many thanks, ( from someone that has paid you a lot of money over the years, please honour my request)


Can all EU players bump this post?

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Seems like a fair request and simple fix, wish you luck from a US player.

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Usually I have 22ms in the UK but occasionally I am put into matches with 120-130ms, is this me being put into US servers?

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Yep that’s exactly the problem. I’m about to hit Onyx so at these ranks every game is US host.

wow that sucks, happened to me three matches in a row now lol at diamond 2

I’ve had to stop playing ranked now. Absolute joke “competitive game”

Happened to meet too. Last 3 games:

  • 400ms
  • 200ms
  • 400ms

I’m from Argentina and I don’t know where the f* this is connecting me too. Occasionally I get into a 60ms server. Unplayable.

Yes. We need this to be better

Why is this still not been fixed? This is laughable

Even in Platinum 4 I get a lot of 100+ ping matches. This is unplayable! There is absolutely NO precision with this ping! That such a simple thing like server prio is not built in from the beginning makes 343 look like a beginner studio… sorry, but someone has not done his homework here.


I keep getting this too, I thought it was a problem with my own internet but it’s definitely not. This keeps happening to me a lot in FFA getting 100ms+ ping and it’s near unplayable.

Also I keep getting random lag spikes where it jumps to around 300ms then back down again, anyone else running into this?

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