high network latency in Asia

Briefly I want to know how can I always be matched with players in west us. Of course there are little halo players in Asia because I can’t match enough players to start even slayer with focus mode. But today I knew an important thing that I was matched with people in South America and I used the balance mode. My teammates told me they are from Ecuador. This is unbelievable. A player in eastern Asia should join the South America servers to play a multiplay game and bear the high latency. I test the network latency from azurespeed.com and got 390ms to South America, 190ms to west us and 300ms to eastern us. So I think west us servers are the best choice for me and even for the whole guardians in Asia.

I am a asia user, too. I agree that West US server is best choice.

I live in Singapore and I have to deal with the same -Yoink- everyday. West coast servers are really good for me btw but I haven’t played on one in a month.