High Latency. Strategies to deal with it?

I play in Southeast Asia. Thanks to the new “network stats” feature, I am now able to see my network latency in ms. (THANK YOU 343!!) Many times I have a latency of 250ms (see below).

I usually follow one strategy when I am on a 250ms server: I assume my opponents have a “3 shot kill” BR.

Are there any other strategies to deal with high latency? Please let me know.

I see basically three ranges of latency.

50ms (server in the region, maybe India)
125 ms (probably in Europe)
250ms (or more often with a red warning “unstable latency”).

I noticed, on the “controller only” list, it is hard to find matches and usually I get only a latency of 250ms. It seems that most halo xbox players live in the US.

On the “cross” list, I get usually 125ms to 250ms servers, and sometimes 50ms servers. I assume more people outside of the US play on PC, because it is “harder” to get an xbox there …

I noticed that in higher ranks, I get more 250ms servers.

When I played with US players, they told me they had 20ms latency. Lol.

You could block foreign servers, in order to combat the root cause of high latency, but 343 has decided to patch it in the future.
Also yes, assume your opponents can kill you faster and even through walls
don’t try to get melee kills, you won’t be able to get a trade with that latency

But most important… aim a bit ahead of the enemy, aim where he will be in a fraction of a second, not where he is now

Also, i don’t think you’re getting 125ms ping to europe, i’m in italy and i get 260ms ping to japan servers so…

The best strategy is that you put something to drink and enjoy your continuous absurd deaths.

All 1 vs 1 matches are lost, avoid the melee because it never works as the partner says.
Make do with a few assists and in objective games forget about killing and capturing zones etc. at least you will have a chance to win the game even if your k/d makes you embarrassed.
Also forget about constantly asking yourself “why”? “whaat”? but…? when they kill you. This just doesn’t work right and not just because of ping.
And if you’re lucky and you can play a game that you feel good about, enjoy it because it’s going to be an exception.

It sounds bad but play support. That latency you won’t be a slayer unless you get lucky at picking off weak players. Also run a lot, if you don’t land the first shot you’re not going to live it, just bolt. Even if you land the first, most of the time it will be a trade or death.

It’s unrealistic at any ping over 90 on Infinite to be consistently dropping numbers, just watch your deaths and lay down shots, it’s the only option for you to be beneficial to your team.

Thank you all!

I did not know about the Melee. But this probably also explains why I usually look bad against the sword.

By the way, how about the “reticle target indicator”. Is this still reliable with high latency (“guarantees a hit”)?

@SPARSTE96 Southeast Asia is kind of “halfway” between Europe and Japan, so if you have 250 ms to Japan, then 125ms for me could be indeed a European server.

I dunno if labeling geo-filterers as “bad actors” is implying a patch that they can’t actually patch.

Kinda sounds like they’re going to take action.

Does anybody know how to block servers (on console). It would be really great to avoid 250ms servers (mostly Americas region for me). 250ms is really a disadvantage when playing against high diamonds or onyx …

Just to clarify, I don’t want to cheat, just want to play against teams in my “network vicinity”. Does that make sense?

Oh, well. Just saw


Looks like this is considered “bannable”?