Hiding Tactics / Hidden Masters

Hey guys, my names Crown and I upload hiding videos on YouTube. I’ve spent years and years doing this. Over time my editing has become more professional, my hobby for making videos has become stronger, and our hides have just been getting better and better. I 100% enjoy every aspect of doing this and uploading weekly videos, however I feel since the community has started dying out I’ve been losing views and subscribers. All the hard work I use in editing and actually DOING the hides are just becoming a complete waste of my time, seeing as though they aren’t being viewed by anyone but myself and those who were featured in the video itself. The only way I can think of to sprout again on YouTube is by showing my work off on Forums such as this one. So with all this being said, I’m going to leave a link below. I hope that you guys take the time to watch it… and if you enjoy it maybe even leave a like and comment. Your 5 seconds of time literally will make my day :slight_smile:

This is my newest video:

I thought HLG died out with Halo 4. Nonetheless, many people feel on these forums think that HLG is just a cheap tactic of winning, and your video is more likely to be disliked.

I really don’t understand why HLG Died off the way that it did. Yeah Bungie went and messed up by passing the raigns of halo over to some -yoinks- that went nuts messed up a perfectly good franchise.
To the obvious hater above to say that most people on these forums will dislike I believe your wrong unless they don’t have any intelligence or thought into what they are saying.
If it’s the nay sayers sprouting on about it being a cheap tactic then they obviously have no true military experience at all as I’ve served for over 15 years and can tell you that hiding, camping, and sitting off with a viable strategic plan is more practical than moving around like most do on shooters bar the pros which incidentally happen to use legit military style tactics during play.
Also if people have a problem with hiding in specific then just don’t let you opponents get ahead of you as most who hide tend to get in the lead first thus killing you before hiding.
Finally people you have to remember that your just playing a game and not actually fighting for real, get a life stop moaning about how other people play there and just take a look at yourself before criticizing others.
HLG forever lol.