‘hide non-cannon’ settings option needed

Title says all really. Somewhat in the vein of Halo: MCC’s settings which disabled the newly added content, I really think Infinite needs a similar ‘non cannon removal’ option that gives players the option to disable other player’s appearances when they use non cannon elements.
With the Multiplayer very much being part of canon now, especially after the ‘training mission’ we get, it’s going to be very immersion breaking for lore fans seeing a Samurai armour or the cat ears attatchments.
I know this won’t bother all people (neither did MCC’s), but I still think it’d be worthwhile feature to implement at some point. It likely wouldn’t take much extra work from 343 either when they add stuff. Could literally just be a tick box setting for the customisation items they add that allows them to specify if it’s canon or not.

Interested in your thoughts.

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