Hidden Spartan in Lockout?

http://i.imgur.com/O0yAqh8.jpg [reference photo]

I remember one day playing Halo 2 with a friend and sword-cancelling around, and at some point we made it up to the blue point by doing so (I think we used some form of rocket jumps too) [path vaguely marked by blue arrow]. Basically you put someone on the above platform and get up from below with a SC, when you land up top you head down a bit and crouched in a crevice is another spartan, dark navy color, I think it’s emblem had a 0 on it.

I look it up and NOBODY has found it, or…I’m just not specific enough when I search.

EDIT: I apologize, this can’t be proven now, only local split screen halo exists so when I went back he was gone, i am sad