Hidden Ranks In Halo 5 Social

I made this account a couple of days ago, I read a thread saying that there are hidden ranks in social playlist and that they aren’t truely social. At first I was skepticle though people were trolling untiil last night I ran 10 “placement” matches in Grifball, I went in with 0 cares about winning to truely guage the situation. Even after going insanely positive each game, after my 10 matches I went to waypoint, the night I checked waypoint hadn’t fully updated or reflected my stats. So I posted in the thread similar to this that it was a glitch.

Behold this morning my obscene curiosity lead to me to check again. After losing 7 of my “placement” matches and winning 3 I looked and my top CSR is a Gold 1 in Griball.

Which concludes that not only do ranks reflect your win loss ratio but Social Playlists just have their ranks hidden.

Social is only an illusion, and that’s probably why Social Playlists still effect your KDA in your Service Record stats.

Thoughts? Discuss.

Arena is Arena, “social” or not, I suppose :smiley:

That’s how Halo 3 worked. Hidden Ranks for social matches.

If you want it taken away, then you get Halo Reach, where you can stomp/get stomped by another team easily.

It’s only social if you put in the social mentality.

Of course the whole KDA/Service Record needs to go, though.

> 2533274804912545;2:
> Arena is Arena, “social” or not, I suppose :smiley:

It definitely explains why I get so many “sweaties” in my searches. Though what I’ve discovered is there is really no way of checking the ranks other than by having your top CSR in the Social Playlist.

Well I figured that the social playlists in previous Halo’s went off of KD more than “rank” I might have to test this theory as well.