Hidden Forerunner symbol gathering megathread

In the lead up to Halo 4, hidden Forerunner language characters have been popping up in various places.

Firstly, we have this one …

Found at the bottom of this flyer by clicking the blue symbol next to the Microsoft studios logo.

This is the character for ‘3’.

Then, in the Infinity multiplayer behind the scenes video, at the end, another symbol is revealed


This is the character for ‘C’

In the most recent weekly bulletin, there was another out of place blue symbol, next to the message 'Be sure to take out the garbage[/]’. The symbol led to a url for a ‘corrupted’ .png file. The rest is explained in the link
This is the character for 'K’
Earlier today, The Diadact seemingly took over the Xbox facebook page, ‘corrupting’ the banner image with his own, however, on the Xbox page itself, part of the picture is covered by the Xbox logo. Clicking on the banner reveals the whole image, and hidden behind where the Xbox logo was, another character.
This is the character for '8’
As you can see, each of the character are in different shaped boxes, indicating that they might be some sort of puzzle pieces that when assembled, will reveal the proper order in which to enter the characters into the Forerunner Terminal Keyboard on the Xbox 360 Waypoint app.
I will be updating this thread as more symbols are revealed and found, so stay tuned, and if you’ve found one yourself, please speak up and share!

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