Hidden Campaign Weapons

I think one of the best ideas to come out of Halo 5 has been the hidden Legendary & Mythic weapons in the Campaign!
My question, though, is have we discovered all of them? Also, will more be added in once the new weapons become available, like the SPNKr Rocket Launcher that will be released soon?
Heck, maybe even add the special vehicles in applicable maps, because some are already in there like the Ghost Ultra

Nearly all (or the basic version at least) of each weapon in the starting REQS given to us at release can be found in Campaign. The new SPNKr rocket is the older skin of the Rocket Launcher (Pre-Halo 5) the same is for Vehicles. I think there may be a few hidden vehicles left but i think just about all the Legendary/Mythic weapons have been discovered by players (via playing as another Character or searching on the map)

As an old school halo fan, I really hope the SPNKr is added into the Campaign, as well as the other new weapons! It’s just so much fun to look around for them!

It’s definitely a nice addition to spend some time with the rarer weapons and alternative variants of weapons during the campaign. Hopefully 343 build on this some more.