Hi waiting for the code

Just waiting for the code test out the game on pc online alpha

sorry to be the bear of bad news but the first flight test is over if you have not signed up to the halo insider then you need to do so in order to get instructions on how to get it for next time.

I will also wait, I already have the halo insider program, I was not selected, I hope to be for the future

I hope i get the next beta run. Love to play a little of the new halo.

Closing this off as the flight has now concluded.

Thank you for participating in the first Halo Infinite Tech Preview. If you have constructive feedback to provide (not bug reports), please use the feedback threads pinned at the top of the Halo Infinite forum: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/29568daf8cd14083bd1b70a810bf3581/topics