Hi spartans, who remembers?

Hello everyone!

So, I thought I would dust off my Waypoint boots and walk these once once familiar grounds…

When I was once a Waypoint moderator and community leader I would enjoy many of game nights with our fellow Spartans. So, I thought I’d out out my beacon and ask, Who remembers?

Who remembers out beloved ex community manager Jessica Shea, better known as bsangel? Oh, the fun we had performing many Warthog suicides on community playdates!

I assume we still have a mod squad here? I’d love to know if any of the OG team remain?

Anyways, thanks for reading, and I sure hope to pick up in these forums every once in a while!

For old times sake …



So, that’d be just me then! :rofl:

Never managed to join in on any of the play dates, but I remember Friday Fun Captions (I had the forum badge), CMoTW, all the sort of community stuff on the forums, and using a bright cyan font colour which nobody actually liked.

The forums have become more of a feedback hub since then, but it’s still nice to think about.