Hi Melee (idea)

This idea is to make the melee system a little more complex and so, the gameplay more technical and skilled. It’s nothing new, but just a reworking of similar things already seen both in halo’s past and in other games. Three melee types:

B (normal): Classic melee.
3 Hits to kill, so B,B,B.

BB (quickly): Double melee.
You always need 3 hits to kill, but the first two are more fast so you can kill the enemy first (adding the thrid melee or an headshot). To perform it, you must press the B key twice very quickly. In game is not so easy to perform. The Double melee prevents the Holds also (read below).

B (kept pressed): Hold/assassination
Hold is an animation that kill the enemy, such as the assassination, but it’s performed in front of the opponent. It can be used after receiving a classic melee from the opponent, overturning the outcome of the duel.

Not sure I’m completely in favor of this in places like arena and halo has traditionally had longer time to kill so being able to assassinate from the front and overturn in like in battlefield doesn’t seem halo.

maybe in a mode if there’s a bunch of ground troops and we play as marines or ODSTs

Some interesting ideas OP, but personally I’m not really feel it. I think the melee system is fine as is. How much damage melee is is definitely up for debate though. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with assassinations as there is no reason to really have them on, other then they look cool.