Hi, i am getting cryptum today. (SPOILERS).

Yeah i never read cryptum before exept for the 2 online chapters. I swear im picking up chuncks of my brain from the walls after reading those two chapters. Greg Bear made halo into a real sci fi when it came to cryptum. Obviously halo is a better sci fi when it comes to the ships, i mean look at them and compare them to the sci fi ships that have spikes all over them :p.

Now, what i ask in this thread is, what will i expect to see in cryptum, is it any good. Does it ever get boring after reading it. Would You recommend this to a halo fanatic. I know for sure already that it does not ruin canon.

Theres one thing that i would like discussed in this topic alot, How do you think that the forunners wiped out the precursors, or made them move or whatever.

My guess is that the precursors were so advanced that they actually lived like Q from star trek, in nice farm house in the middle of some praire. The precursors could be GOD’s probably !

We need to think out side of the box on how something could be so much of another that it turns out, it is taken like a black hole.

Btw i read spoilers so thats how i know the base ideas.


The only book I don’t have. Will pick it up one day though.

Prepare to have your mind blown away.
I could hardly get my eyes off the ebook.