HG Looking for Fun maps/game types and RECRUITING

We host many community events and are always interested in new maps and game types to try out. If you are into forge and want to test your creations out hit me up on xbox live or better yet join my gaming community! - HG NightGhost

Hyped Gaming Online is Recruiting! Message ** HG NightGhost ** on xbox live for more information and be sure to check out our website: www.hypedgamingonline.net

Looking for people to play with? Wanna be a part of something bigger then yourself? Do you want to have fun playing all your favorite games in a gaming community setting?

Look NO further! Hyped Gaming is HERE!!!

Hyped Gaming (HG) has been around for over five years, bringing players together from around the world. Our “main game” is Halo: MCC and we are preparing for Halo 5 in the coming months. We also play other games in our gaming COMMUNITY (not clan) including but not limited to Destiny, COD: Advanced Warfare, and (unofficially) Neverwinter, Elite: Dangerous, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls online and many others.

On Halo, we host meetings once a week as well as community fun nights, competitive practices, and events with prizes!!!

We are recruiting now and we want YOU, but we do have a few requirements to best provide a respectful and mature gaming environment.

  • You MUST be at least 16 years of age or older. You DO NOT need to change your name. - You must follow our code of conduct (based off the x-box live code of conduct). - You will have to add the gamer tag we use to keep track of anyone. - We ask that you add a little something to your profile’s bio. - And you must apply/sign up on our website. hypedgamingonline.net
    If you want to have some fun, meet cool new people, and have more friends to play with on your favorite games with, please message me on x-box live.
    My gamer tag is HG NightGhost

Thanks Everyone! Game On!
And don’t forget to…
Embrace the HYPE, Hyped Gaming!!!

hey man, i got some fun custom games and maps if you’d like to check them out. my GT is : StepsOnBricks