Hey out there, Gotta message just for you. :)

S4L Is back! We live true to our glorious name of fun loving peeps who enjoy hanging out in customs,forge,And…well anything really. We are looking for new Rooks to enjoy Halo with in anyway possible. We are looking for people with open minds and try to create a fun enviromeant to all of those that join. You do not have to change gamer tag or amour or amour color. All we want is your service tag and Emblem and then your all set. If you have any questions or want to join message My friend J0kersAsylum666 -----Reason is I’am changeing my gamer tag soon soooo he’s ma reffrence . Well hopefully see ya soon! :slight_smile: Message me if you’d like to join our company for Halo 5. On this very site. It’s simple and will hopefully lead you to a thrilling,laid back, And hopefully an amazing unique experince. (sorry for typos kinda sleepy) :slight_smile: