Hey, look at this Zero bloom gametype I made

After weeks of playtesting and tinkering with the numerical guts of the custom game options, We think we have hit the sweet spot. We are very happy to announce that we’ve hit the bomb on all fronts, from the casual default style all the way to the u-ber competitive side of Zero bloom.

So here it is at last…

Update 24/10/2011: Added MLG Axel Base to map section.

Mowdown Map Is LIVE! Download Here!


ZB Slayer DMR’s

ZB Slayer Pro

ZB Slayer


Axel Base


MLG Axel Base (for use with ZB Slayer Pro)


Axel Base Screenshots ( Top 16 Images )

Under The Hood: (V6)

Shields and Health (All gametypes)
150% Damage Resistance
125% Shield Recharge Rate
200% Health Recharge Rate

Weapons and Damage (All gametypes)
125% Damage Modifier
110% Melle

Movement (All gametypes)
110% Player Speed
125% Jump Height
200% Gravity

Sensors (None in ZB Pro)

Spartan Loadouts (Gametype specific)
ZB Slayer: AR Loadouts with Default AA selection.
ZB Slayer DMR’s: DMR + AR Loadouts with Default AA selection.
ZB Slayer Pro: DMR Or Needle Rifle Loadouts with Sprint.

The Results:

4 shot kill DMR & Magnum. (All Headshots)

6 shot kill Needle Rifle (All headshots)

18 Shot kill Assault Rifle (Lethal when combined with a Melle attack)

Two hit melle’s from full health and shields ( One pops the shield with no health
drain the second kills )

Good jump height that is less floaty than default.

Jet pack has been nerfed with the use of 200% Gravity.

Armour lock has been nerfed with the addition of 125% damage you do more damage
to the the energy meter.( Shooting a person in armor lock with an assault rifle is actually effective now, when 3 or 4 people all teamshoot with assault rifle the person in armor lock is forced out of it almost instantly.)

Active Camo was balanced with the title update.

Focus Rifle got a buff with the extra damage and Is now a desireable weapon.

A Spartan laser shot will knock a guy out of armor lock and kill.

Frag Grenade Damage is nerfed ( A Direct Frag explosion will not pop a players shields but the amount of shield left can still leave them vulnerable to a one shot headshot kill ).

Conclusion: (blondbassist)

The pace of the game feels faster than the default settings and offers a unique experience that feels almost like a new game. With the three gametypes, we feel we offer a fun experience for the casual players (ZB Slayer), the competitive players (ZB Slayer Pro) and for the inbetween gmers who like playing either styles (ZB Slayer DMR’s).

Special thanks:

  • The Little Moa
  • FantasySniperXD
  • TandemShark8411

And a Huge u-ber thank you to all the hundreds of playtesters that have helped us get this far, You all know who you are! ( And yes we will dispatch cookies ASAP to all you helpful helpers! )

Thank you all and above all, thank you 343i for the title update <3. I really do feel like we are just getting started.



How does this affect vehicles?

> How does this affect vehicles?

That’s an excellent Question, I have absolutely no idea.

I’m assuming that because of the 125% damage more damage will be done to vehicles with nobody in them.