hey Im know and looking for people to play with

I just started to play ranked today I’m looking for people to join me. That don’t mind me being a new people player and I need people on my list. I been playing slayer looking to play other games. I’m looking to get better at halo and get some rankings.

I’m down to play, feel free to hit me up

I just got back on to play.

Add me :slight_smile:

MG Eclipse + MG Eclipse II

Above is our spartan Companies of our clan, We have a GREAT group of positive minded people and a great culture here… All skill levels from Silver to multiple Champ 1 players.

We are primarily an arena based clan but we do lots of fun customs and some warzone.

We have monthly tournaments and giveaways and even a 1000$ Giveaway coming up soon

If interested in joining go to MGEclipse.Com and click “Join Us”

Im more into ranked if you guys do that too. Ok ill add ya when i get on. Im also looking for a company.