Hey I got a decent IDEA for Halo infinite bookmarking maps that was made off forge

Hey I just got a little idea for infinite. Since alot of halo forgers spent lot of time but in decent quick manner to make a lot of naps compare to 343 map making in infinite. Is it possible to make like a folder system when bookmarking maps that players made in forge? Cause I would like to keep it kinda organized with the ton of maps I been bookmarking lol. Would like to make a folder for like old halo maps from previous halo titles, remake folder from another game and then just like new type map folders

Cause there like 100+ plus maps made in halo infinite forge whether if it 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, 8v8 and 16v16. Figure drop the idea thought off as I can’t wait to see infinite forges remake of the one Halo CE map that was in halo reach anniversary map pack to look in halo infinite as a banished type theme.

As this is just a idea I feel like we should get. Like when we bookmark things we should be able to make a folder to put those certain bookmarks in, as I used to do that on PC browsing of bookmarking and put it in a certain bookmark folder depending what it is. What you all think?

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I think this is a great idea and have been saying so since Custom Maps released. I have so many bookmarks and no way to keep them organized. Being able to create a folder structure to put maps into would be amazing!

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Or maybe they could do LABELS like Gmail does instead of folders. I feel like this would be easier to implement into the game.

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that a pretty good idea as well. Have a ton bookmark myself as well lol