Hey Halo Community Would you want promethean In endless

Hey Halo Community would you guys want the Promethean faction in endless or a future expansion ?

I would be ok with the promethean faction in endless or a future expansion . Just as long as they are a side enemy and not the main enemy.

Hell. No.


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I wouldn’t mind them.

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I don’t particularly care if they’re present, but I’d like to see some redesigning of their combat mechanics if they’re gonna do that. Halo 4 Prometheans were an absolute slog to fight against.



I’d say yes, obviously with some mechanical/visual tweaks.

An open world game needs VARIETY. There’s really only one faction in infinite, since the sentinels apparently align with the banished too.

Mutli-faction battles were a staple of halo 1-3. Its weird how earlier games did open world better than the actual open world halo.

HI feels way too much like fighting the same enemies in the same environs for the same reasons with the same weapons for its entire length.


The Promethean story was pretty much wrapped up in Halo 4 after the Didacts defeat, since they were his personal creation to fight the Flood, but rejected by the other Forerunners.

More importantly, what happened to the created and the Guardians? What was the Reclamation. Who was the Harbinger? Why did Cortana had so many flip flop personalities. Why did she give up before Halo infinite events? Also, the Janus key (don’t zap it out of existence). What happened to Spirit of fire, the rebuild ARK, Dr. Anders? So many plot points that were made, but left open ended because…


No Prometheans.

They are a dull-half-idea that should stay behind and be forgotten.

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