Hey guys!

Hey guys, I just recently joined a ‘ninja’ clan, and made an account on Xbox Live for the first time in 4 years.
Played a bit of Master Chief Collection to get back into the game mechanics, moved from Playstation 4’s Destiny to Xbox to play some Halo 5!!!
Who here is excited for Halo 5?
Anyone interested in possibly joining up and playing before/after the release?
Just trying to find some friends!!

So excited for Halo 5!!!

Welcome aboard Spartan! It’s great for you you to join our little community here. I for one (as are many others on this forum) are extremely stoked for H5, and I’ll be making a post in the near future about that specifically. Sadly, I don’t have an Xbone :frowning: but I hope you and all the other guys on here have a great time. I’ll get one eventually.

H5 is definitely something I’ve been far too excited for ever since the teaser, and I definitely can’t wait to play it. From what I’ve seen, this is going to be one of the best games for 2015, and it might even be up to par with Halo 2. Let’s hope for the best!

And I see that you are somewhat new to the forums, so if you want to look for people that are also looking for players, hop into the Recruiting Forums to find other players.

Good luck out there Spartan, and see you on the battlefield.

Welcome, Recruit! I’ll see you at launch day, but before that, take a fishy stick!

How can he be that excited when sprint is IN???

LOLJK. Welcome aboard, dude! I am also stoked!!! See you on the battlefield.

Well you might be interested in reading up on this if you get the chance. Anyways have a wonderful day and welcome!

UNSC Epsilon Fleet


Welcome to Epsilon’s Halo Embassy

Hey everyone, my name is Darth Baum and I’m the Fleet Admiral of Epsilon Fleet. This is a clan currently on Halo MCC but will be ready to land on Halo 5. With a vision in mind we hope to create a home for Competitive and Casual Gamers. We have the best Administration team in PERSCOM as well as Field Commanders to lead us in the right direction. Thus, we will become a great clan that is organized and still be able to have fun and Game!

This clan will be following an UNSC Theme and organization. We will have a similar chain of command as that of the UNSC.

Under the direction of Fleet Command we have three major branches that work in conjunction with each other.
-Naval Command (NAVCOM), actual ingame aspects of the Fleet
–Marines, ODST, Colonial Militia and the Spartan Program
-Personnel Command (PERSCOM), administrates the website
-Office of Naval Intelligence, classified activities and handles promotions

So now I have some questions for you!
Are you tired of playing by yourself? Would you want to lead a group of people?
Want to have a bunch of friends online, playing games you have, around the clock?

Well if you answered yes to any of the above questions you’re just In Luck!

Here Are Some of the things that We offer in the Epsilon Fleet!

~A wonderful website
-Forums that are very active
-Able to sign up for events
~Excellent Officer and leadership (not biased at all)
~An intriguing and fascinating ranking system
-It will blow your mind (maybe)
~The chance to lead your very own squad if you aspire to lead
~A fun-filled environment
~And Lastly, A clan that works for you!

Requirements for Joining
~Must be at least 13 years of Age
~Must have an Xbox One and Halo MCC
~Join the Forums
~Be respectful
~Have a mic
~And Most of ALL, Have common sense

With humanity at war against multiple threats The Epsilon Fleet has answered the call. Will you answer the call as well? Will you join one of newest and greatest clans and be a critical part in its early success? We will love to have you be part of the Fleet and if you have any questions feel free to ask me at any time.

With sincere regards,

Darth Baum, Fleet Admiral, C4C