Hey guys, Im new to HALO

And i must say… I played REACH, and let me tell ya… With the challenges that are refreshed everyday and the weekly challenges… I can see my wife leaving me… I can’t stop playing. And what’s this about avatar noble six stuff? If anyone can send me a pm about it or reply id appreciate it… Just tell me how to earn it and i will do my best… It seems there are codes for avatar stuff… Send if you wish. Id really appreciate it… BTW add me for a guy that is ALWAYS on live… Peace guys… Hope to have more convo’s with everyone.

Welcome, glad to see 'ya on the forums! The Noble Six helmet for your avatar was supposed to be exclusive to Comic-Con attendees, but we have generous friends at Bungie and 343i, and they will often give them out on Twitter and other various places. Who knows…if you stick around the forum you may even get a chance at one. I happen to have a spare one, and when I feel the time is right, I plan to start up a mini giveaway for the Noble Six code!

The Bouk

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