Hey Everyone

What’s happening everybody? My name is Nick and I’ve recently joined the Halo Insider program.

Why did i join it?

When I heard that Halo Reach was coming to MCC, I wanted to make sure that it gets into MCC without any hiccups. Reach was the first Halo game that I played, so this means a lot to me. I look forward to helping 343 out in any way that I can. Also, I wanted to help out in the flighting program for Infinite as well.

When will I be online?:

I’ll be online and participating in the program whenever I can. Why? Well, life happens. I work a full-time job (6:30 am-3 pm), so it’s kinda hectic at the moment. But if I have a day off, I’ll definitely be on.

See you on the battlefield Spartans.

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