Hey, check your aim! Halo 5 Campaign

In the campaign in halo 5, sometimes when you try to shoot an enemy with a BR or a Rocket Launcher or a Sniper Rifle, one of your teammates will just walk or run right in front of you. When this happens, of course you shoot the teammate. You know you do this on accident and it’s not your fault. It’s the AI’s fault, you know why? Let me explain. When you walk in a certain direction, your teammates are programmed to follow you in the exact same direction. You can keep walking or running and they will keep following you. You can also command them to go in a certain direction, use a vehicle, or kill an enemy. So that’s the teammate mechanic. When your just fighting enemies, trying to snipe them, a teammate will stand right in front of you because they are programmed to follow you. This programming is good, but can also be a pain. Like when your down and need help, You call for help, and this is what your teammate does. Starts to walk or sprint to you, stop, look around for about 2 seconds, and then help you up. This can take about 7 seconds, and sometimes the teammates don’t do anything at all to help you up, or when your down next to a downed teammate. Another teammate will come right next to you and help the downed teammate instead of you. Of course, this results in you being dead. There you go, that’s why your teammates just randomly go right in front of you.

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