hey 343i

WHERE can I get a copy of halo 2 multiplayer map pack ??
Please respond. moderators please move my topic to the right place, i DONT know where it is.


i still have all of them before they shut down xbox live.

This should be in a Halo 2 thread.
I got mine from play.com.
I still play Halo 2 on xbconnect, you should try it sometime (if you haven’t already).
Also, where can I get the Blastacular map pack?

I would try eBay

i had all the halo 2 dlc downloaded on the day halo 2 shutdown, all for free, then after the servers shut down all my dlc wiped and said its broken

There should be a way to get those 2 maps from Blastacular.
I mean, if content is this volatile, what’s the point of only-digital expansions?
There should be on-disc versions of everything!
I hope someday there is an only-multiplayer disc of Halo 4 bundled with another halo game (like Halo 3 ODST had the entirety of Halo 3’s multiplayer), and that disc brings the entirety of Spartan Ops too, playable offline. Or else, when xbox live support ends for the 360, no more Spartan Ops.