Hey 343i. Possible Server Fix? Please read

I made a thread when Halo 4 came out, and some of the server problems seem similar. Here is a link to that Thread

Good on you for posting this just in case it is the issue.

Anything I can do to help… This game is Great, and once the issues are fixed, its going to be AMAZING. It really has all that nostalgic feel, and really takes me back.

Bumping, For possible 343i view.

I was getting a game within at least 3-5 minutes of searching in Halo 2 anniversary. Now I cannot find any matchmaking games… Any one else experiencing this setback?

Update : I was searching with a Friend who has a Moderate NAT, And couldn’t find games
I had him leave, and within less than a minute I found a game. My NAT is open btw

Last bump, and headed to bed… Will check back in a few hours

my NAT is open and I haven’t found a game yet since release. I found one the first day. But it ended up being a really bad 4v1 rubberbanding fest.

Since then, Have you hard rebooted your xbox? Turn it off, and unplug the power cable for about 30 seconds. After I did that, I seemed to find games easier

343i do you copy?