Hey 343i combined all halo creations into one Halo infinite

It’s an idea to keep the game going for years or more or less depending on your plans. You could merge all halo creations into one game to make it unique so you have classic mixed with more modern. Please include more stories and game play with more characters. Merge stories together like blue and red team being together. Noble 6 comes back in halo but in different armor since the last one got destroyed. Make everything impossible to possible for everyone so the audience can get what they want. I know it takes time and that’s okay I believe halo will still go on it just needs to get back up and never give up y’all have my support 343 industries. I’ll provide my support but please listen to us we know you’re out there. Everything takes patience so there’s no pressure or anything because everything from mistakes to negativity can change to positivity it takes time. Halo is still halo. #community Always remember Always believe halo is still here ~Kito
YouTube Kito video search is Kito Senses to find me easier, Twitch Kit0Ket0, and Gt MSKitoL
Halo inspired player former pro

Make everything in halo enjoyable and fun in every mode
Campaign multiplayer forge etc.

Put all the games together. Also I know it takes time but maybe redo the games with code from Halo infinite. That way we get the classic games but with better graphics.

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