Hey 343!!!

Ok. Im getting really tired of being betrayed in Living Dead and not being able to boot them. Cant you guys do anything about that? I know for a fact Im not the only one who is getting really tired of being betrayed. I thought you guys were supposed to be looking out for modders and cheating… What happened to that? If you want me too, I will work for you and I dont care if you pay me or not. I will do it for the pure pleasure of being able to enjoy a game free of cheaters.

Oh, and another thing… Im tired of being put with people that are positive by like 10K. Like seriously… Im a Legend vs Inheritors and crap? Im getting tired of it. Again, Im not the only one… Im pretty sure.

Betraying should be off in infection.

Thank you for the support.

How about anything over 3 betrayal’s and you get instant alpha zombie in the next round, while I know they may still betray, it will be alot harder when their getting shot in the head from accross the map.

I’ve kind of stopped playing infection altogether. Until they bring in new maps that are custom-tailored to infection I don’t really want to play it.

I hardly play at all, due to all the modding and everything, and when I do play and there isnt cheating, there is LAG!

~Im too old for this~

I can deal with betrayels.
I just want new maps, Community maps.

I do put up with it in SWAT. Its funny when they betray cuz you yoink them. and then I boot them. Its hilarious.

> Betraying should be off in infection.

Remember that glitch where bulltrues sometimes count as betrayals? If you turned Friendly Fire off, those kills would do no damage.

I think it would be good to choose zombies based on who get’s betrayals. If no noe betrays then have it do like it’s been doing but if they do then make those jerks the ones to have to be the zombies. I’m sick of it too.

I just had something happen to me. I had my gf over here and she isnt good at all, and she was a guest. Somehow, I am banned from making credits!!! WHAT THE -Yoink- 343!!!

Im about ready to say -Yoink- it and give up halo all together. It was cool back in the day, but now with all this modding and little 7 year olds playing, its became lame.

Simple solution take betrayel off all together.

Agreed. Along with modders being on XBL. They should be able to mod. I have no problem with that… Just keep it local. Dont bring your aimbots, lag switches, and all the other mods with you to XBL.