Heroic or legendary campaign friends

Just started playing halo games not too long ago and I don’t have many friends who play. I’m looking for people who want to hit up the campaigns for ODST, Reach and Halo CEA. I’m not that good yet but I’d appreciate any help and also just want to enjoy the games with a few other people.

I’ll join you, add my GT which is the same as my username.

Its better to run it in legendary you get more achievements that way. But if you like i can help you with ODST on legendary along with smiling Dog if you like…


Awesome. thanks guys! I’m usually on at about 9:00 P.S.T or anytime Sunday and Monday. jMz oakley do you have ODST as well? Maybe some 3 player co-op? Blood of Ganon I wasn’t sure if people still played ODST since it’s a few years old now but that one in particular I’m missing out on some major gamerscore in campaign. I do play matchmaking as well but I’ve never been too great at the legendary setting so glad for help with the campaigns on ANY of them!

Yeah you are a lot better than you say Dr S! I’ll add you too Blood of Ganon if that’s OK?
I’m basically looking for as many people as possible to play any Halo with. So if any of you know people who are also looking for friends, pass my details on and get them to add me. I have achievements to do and I love the games so much, I’d help others to get them once I have them.

Thanks man! I think it was more dumb luck than anything else that kept me alive there with ya lol. I sent an add request to blood of ganon already, the more the merrier I say :slight_smile:

Yeah I sent him one too, but it is showing his profile weird. There is no picture, details or gamerscore but it allowed me to send a request… Wondering if I have the right guy, or he just has massive privacy lockdown on his info. We’ll soon see I guess.

I noticed that too! Blood of Ganon did we get the right gamertag?