Heroic campaign too difficult?

So I’m currently playing the campaign on Heroic difficulty. I’m on mission 6 right now where you have to gwt 5 rhinos to designated areas. I have gotten 90% of the through with little to no problems and then…BAM…a bunch of massive waves of covenant come and decimate all of made troops and destroy me. Like I have tried like 3 times and no matter how many troops I have, I can’t beat it. Suggestions?

There should be a few guides on the internet. I thought it was challenging in normal lol.

No, the Heroic campaign is not “too difficult” for the simple reason that there are two easier difficulty settings available, “Normal” and “Easy.”

Therefore, if your current skill level in Halo Wars is not sufficient to beat certain missions on Heroic difficulty, you can always just play on “Normal” or “Easy.”

So you have actually two options:

1.) Keep learning and training in Halo Wars, until you get good enough to beat missions on “Heroic” without problems.

2.) Lower the difficulty settings.

With regard to your concrete problem: If you build only supply pads, one reactor, one vehicle depot and one field amory, then you should be able to upgrade your defensive turrets to better turrets in the field amory. Also, do not forget to upgrade the turrets in the front of the base to flame-mortar turrets and the two turrets in the back of the base to missile-turrets. The front turrets will be good against the waves of Covenant infantry and the turrets in the back will effectively take out banshees.

Upgrade the Scorpion to the “canister shell” capability and also upgrade wolverines as much as you can. Then only build Scorpions and Wolverines. Use the Scorpions “Y-ability” (canister shells) against the Covenant infantry, especially the Hunters. The Wolverines will take out enemy air units. You should put three Wolverines and one Scorpion to the place where the first Rhino is stationed. They will shoot down Banshees and Spirits, before they can even unload their infantry on the battlefield.

Make sure to save the game from time to time! If it looks like you lose, you can just quickly load the saved game. By doing so, you will not have to start all over again.

I am currently on my first playthrough of the Halo Wars: Definitive Edition campaign and I started with “Legendary” difficulty. So far, I have not encountered any real problems. Only the mission “Arcadia City” needed a few tries, but that is mostly because how the Spartans behave and how the Covenant spawn is pretty RNG.

Here’s a good channel run by a friend of mine that features a legendary gold guide. If you’re having trouble with Heroic, those vids can certainly help you.

It’s difficult, but I enjoyed it. Now in legendary sometimes it’s frustrating, a lot. but if you play it in Heroic, you will have a funny challenge and exciting game.

I literally just played through the campaign on heroic to get the blitz packs, message me if you still need help and I’ll explain how to do it.

Why is no one talking about completing the campaign on Legendary?! That’s what I have been doing!

Mythic Tyrant made a great Legendary guide for Halo Wars. (Link to guide)

Beat the o.g. and this one on legendary.

I’ve beaten the entire campaign on Legendary without a problem. For that specific mission, I’d recommend spamming tanks :slight_smile:

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> I’ve beaten the entire campaign on Legendary without a problem. For that specific mission, I’d recommend spamming tanks :slight_smile:

I would also recommend choosing the right skulls so you can gain maximum benefit in the battle (will give trash score but will make the mission easier).

Build up your base and upgrades entirely before you start moving any tanks in position. Put marines in the towers, they do a great job against banshees and will distract enemy units. After placing your first tank. Make 4-6 wolverines to and sit them right next to that tank. Most Banshees and drop ships will come right over that area. Don’t put your Spartans in tanks!!! After you set up 3 tanks two locust will appear. Use your Spartans to jack them. As someone said before keep a steady supply of tanks coming and replace any wolverines that get destroyed.