Heroes of reach battlepass should be extended to 200 tiers and include the armour that was apparently released in season 1, but wasnt

Heroes of reach should receive another 100 tiers at the start of season 3.
There is a LOT of amour that we’ve all seen and want (damn you 343 just give me my security shoulders already… i’m dying here…) but cant access it, however when you view it on the customize tab it says “Unavailable: Item released during season 1”.
Well… they was never in the store during season 1… ? Therefore its only fair they extend the S1 battle pass and follow through with it.

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As long as they don’t release it piece by piece in the damn store…

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Sadly, they will release it piece-by-piece.

Honestly, Battle Passes need to just die off.
“Hey, here is a huge chunk of content that is available for only a limited amount of time for no reason other than to give you the impression of having “progress” during a season”

Unyszek responded to a tweet on the Reach armor pieces last month…


All I ask for, is the colour white. Just plain, normal, non-embellished, white for my Mark-V (B)

didnt see this! hopefully not a long wait

I think this is made worse by the fact that most of the Pass contents range from mediocre to good. There’s nothing in either Pass that makes my eyes pop out of my head and go “OH YEAH THAT’S THE ONE!” bar Mark 7 and that was a free unlock.

The Pass itself should just be free at this point, especially if they’re pricing individual armor sets for as much as the Pass.

Its absolutely torture waiting every Tuesday in hopes the items i want gets in the store Iv been spending half my time looking at armors i wanna put together but cant.