Heroes of Reach battlepass is great. But…

343’s heroes of reach battlepass if full of cool armors and stuff. But how come I’m seeing CQB and HAZOP outside the battlepass? Behind a paywall? I thought they would be in the BP because they are Halo Reach exclusive armor. I’m disappointed on how much content is being used outside battlepass. I paid 10 bucks for armor I had when I was 13 playing Halo Reach on Xbox 360 you know? One thing I was looking forward to was recreating my old Spartan in Halo Infinite but if there are shoulder pads and whatnot behind a paywall I’m not gonna be able to do that.

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If they put those two armors in the battle pass, how would they have room for the 50 challenge swaps and xp boosts??? Have you thought about that?! Huh?! (S)


They’re completely different designs, even if they have the same name and similar looks :man_shrugging:

Love the sarcasm, captures the Halo Fanbases opinion rn. But yeah MCC is a great example of a great pass system. It was all armor. I loved it


Maybe on a 3D model scale. Otherwise it’s the same armor.

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Heroes of Reach I believe is specifically targeting the actually Heroes of Reach’s armor set. Namely Noble Six teams…

Though if this is the case. I really wish they’d shed some light on the missing pieces from their armor… I want Carter’s Shoulder dang it lol.

That inherently makes it different even if it’s meant to emulate the look.

Recon and Air Assault also feature different models.

I want Emile’s shoulder lol. They false advertised that on a cover image for the multiplayer.

Season 1 isn’t over yet, there’s still a chance that that specific armor piece will be available.

True but they are ready have the majority of the battlepass revealed. And it looks like all the new seasonal content is going to the Mark Sevens

I’m just sad that all the Helmets I used to use aren’t in the pass and will presumably be in the cash shop.

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Right?!! It’s makes me so sad and angry. The amount of helmets in the original game was great and all but there was only ever a few I really liked.

Not to mention the battle pass was planned to be 120 levels, the achievement for completing a season shows it clearly. Which means they stripped 20 items out. And why do battle passes group knee/leg stuff but always seem to split arms? Just group them together and stop milking spaces.

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