Heretic Crew is Looking for Players

Hello and welcome.
I am Rev The Heretic and my Spartan Company is now looking for players. We are competitive and we strive to win at all cost. Myself and SpiritousBloom both live stream most of our games on and if you want to join our Spartan Company then Add me as a friend on xbox one Rev the Heretic. Just make sure you have a mic aka headset and invite me to a party chat and let me know you applied and want to join and I will accept and will invite you to a game. Here is a list of game modes we play.
* Team Arena
* Slayer
* Breakout (rarely)
*Swat (more often than other game modes)

*War Zone (NO ASSAULT)
ps I realy want this crew to work up and try to achive pro standings so if you want to someday be a pro come help our cause