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343, thank you so much for the new season! After working all last season as a solo gold player trying to earn Platinum, I finally achieved it. I was platinum for all of 3 days. Then today, the new season began and I got to rank up again. (Oh joy!) I found a group of people to play with and we played our 10 games,We went 5/5 out of our 10 games. Most of the loses I was the only player with a positive K/D on my team, and even the Top Gun for a couple of those loses. For example, the last game I had 24 kills and 12 deaths (we lost). All my teammates were negative. Low and behold, I’m a fing Gold again. Once again my rank represents the team I played with, not me. Once again I am victim to your horrible matchmaking system. Instead of grinding to Diamond this season, I’m right back where I began. So last seasons grind was for nothing! I feel no satisfaction, only disappointment. This game is NOT solo player friendly, Spartan Companies offers no solution to this problem and I have yet to find a competitive team.
Guess it’s back to playing with randoms - suffering quits, afks and betrayals over weapons - making consecutive wins next to impossible. I think not, f
this game!
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