Here's your chance. Defiant Map Pack Contest!

Hello all! Anxious to get your hands on the Defiant Map Pack?! Maybe lack the funds or ability to get them on release date? Well I’ve got a contest for you!

Two things I love in life; Halo and college basketball. Being a former player, the month of March brings out all sorts of excitement in me. If you did not know, today is Selection Sunday. The 68 teams who will compete for the NCAA Championship have been finalized, and teams are rearing to go!

What does this have to do with Halo? I’ll tell you!

I’m willing to purchase a Defiant Map Pack code to whoever can correctly guess the most amount of wins in this year’s NCAA Tournament.

I understand that this doesn’t satiate your need for a taste of Highlands, Condemned, and Unearthed until April 4th. But hey, who doesn’t like free stuff?

First and foremost, all submissions must received by noon on Tuesday 3/15.
One entry per person, please
Brackets can be found HERE
Make your picks, and send an email to me – rukizzel [at] gmail [dot] com - including your name, Gamertag & picks
Since I can’t find a bracket that can easily be filled out online, you may type your picks for each round individually, rather than attaching a copy of the bracket.

Round 1 – Alabama St., UAB, USC, Ark.- Little Rock
Round 2 – Ohio St, Villanova, WV, KY, Princeton, Xavier, Syracuse, UW, UNC….
(You get the idea. Keep it clean so I can read it easily.)

There are technically 6 rounds with a total of 65 games played.
For the first round – games played Tuesday & Wednesday of this week – each correct game will net you .5 of a point
The second round will net you one point for each correct game.
Third – 2 points per correct pick
Fourth – 3 points per correct pick
Fifth – 4 points per correct pick
Championship game – A whopping 10 points for correctly picking our 2011 NCAA Champion.

Totals will be tallied up each week and posted in this thread. At the end of the tournament (April 4th) one person will stand alone as the leader, and that victor will receive their free code.

Already have the maps? No worries. I’ll let you choose what you want to do with the code if you win. And even if you just want to submit your picks for bragging rights, feel free!

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!

Hmm, I might actually have a shot at this.

So sad, no one seems to like free. I guess I’ll just have to give the code back to BS Angel then.

cool giveaway , hope you get more of a response. unfortunately im in australia and have no ides about college basketball. nice work though mate. this kind of thing is why i love these forums.