Here's your chance 343.

Yes, I know it’s not exactly breaking news but this has just come to most of the average gamer’s attentions and I think you should take advantage of it.

It’s the perfect chance to put some much needed polish to the game that it has deserved for so long. Glitches that need to be taken care of, Cutter, PoR and yes even Forge needs some tweaking to be a bit more appealing in the meta and maybe even a new map or two. PLEASE take advantage of it guys.

This game isn’t currently ran by a dev team.

I know that. Assigning one though won’t cost them as much though with the announcement MS made.

Paying people to develop a game with no population or no potential for profit is a worthwhile thing for -Yoink!-? You know a dev team is quite an investment and the game is already (and has been) dead since the closing of

They’re accommodating indie game developers - not dead games.

special note: I would REALLY love to see the POR un-nerfed (speed wise).

If I had any say a speed buff on marines/flamers and grunt/jackal/hunter to make them the same speed as tanks with adrenaline giving marines/flamers more speed than tanks.

Marine and grunt DPS should be equal to tanks per cost on equal tech, not including grenade/cani

A RPG buff making them spread like stasis or at least a double damage buff would make marines somewhat less terrible.

Wraith accuracy so they don’t miss - jackals don’t miss - hunter shots don’t miss - spiteful now only reduces cost of raging from 40 to 30 rather than 40 to 20

EHG upgrade changed to charge allowing them to guarantee one hit on a target

> EHG upgrade changed to charge allowing them to guarantee one hit on a target

I see someone’s been playing SC2.