Here's my Theory that ties the trailer with ARG

My Wild -Yoink- Guess about Halo 5?

Check this out.
You know how there are more S-IIs than there should be? What if ONI has been cloning S-IIs this whole time? What if there are many Johns, Lindas, Kellys, and maybe even Sams? What if ONI used these, and perhaps the top-tier S-IIIs as templets for creating clone soldiers?

So then the question is, why do Spartan-IVs exist?

How about as a cover up.

Think about it. If you’re claiming immoral origins to the Spartan program, all ONI has to do is go “No-no-no, look at the Spartan IV program, they’re all volunteer now.”

Why is this ARG talking about John’s life? We know it. He was abducted at age 6, trained until age 14, and continued to fight the Covenant and Insurrectionists at every turn. What else is there to know besides that? Why do we need 11 episodes to flesh out a story we basically already know?

Why is Chiron TL-34 described as a Spartan Clone training facility?

Food for thought. I’m probably wrong, but speculation is fun. Anybody have a way to completely shoot this down?


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> WAT?

Exactly my thoughts…you lost me at Linda